Thriving Teams

Investing in your team drives results

Team Coaching

Teams operate within complex organisations, and in this accelerating and changing world, working with team members located all over the world with different beliefs, values, needs, and conflicting priorities, working can be extremely demanding.


I work with teams focusing on four success factors to help them thrive – inclusion, trust, connection and commitment.


All team coaching interventions are tailored to each team’s unique needs.

Working with your team

  • I get to know your business and its unique challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • I get to know the team and its dynamics.
  • I work with you in the field of play and not up in “the stands”.
  • I apply behavioural science.
  • I focus on achieving a shift in your team dynamic by creating a secure, harmonious base in order to deliver outstanding results.

Relational Dynamics Team Model

Creating trust and commitment in order to succeed

Relationships are at the heart of high-performance teams.
The Relational Dynamics Team Model focuses on team behaviour and the complex dynamics needed for outperformance and creating a place in which team members feel safe to commit their whole self.
The Relational Dynamics Team Model enables teams to work on aspects which form the foundations of a great team in order to:
  • create trust and commitment;
  • have each other’s backs;
  • promote confidence and resilience;
  • thrive
  • outperform
It’s human nature to want to be part of something and have a sense of purpose. Each of us want to believe we have a contribution to make. Having purpose and meaning provides the core for success.
Invest in your team to thrive and succeed. Let’s work together.