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I work across 6 coaching domains...

All areas of our life and work are inextricably linked. Each coaching engagement is unique: we might operate across all the coaching domains; focus on one individually or work with a couple of them in combination; you may decide that it makes sense for you to address one domain at a time.

Creating exciting, realistic personal growth and change with purpose

Become Your BestBecome Your Best is a mindset; it is all about making a promise to yourself to become the best version of yourself. Become Your Best coaching focuses on your personal development. I work with you so that you are heard and understood; this brings you clarity and the courage to identify your current situation and plan where you want to be. Honest and open conversations generate new insights and unlock your imagination, creativity and resourcefulness to help you to become your best. Discover your ability to carry on where others might quit, and excel.

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Defining your life through personal and professional growth
Life and Career ResetUncertainty and change are two factors which exist in both your life and career; they can create anxiety and leave you feeling disorientated. How can you turn these events into opportunities? Where do you start? How do you make it happen? We need to pause, reflect, apply some self-care and focus on ourselves, our own needs and our own wants. There is nothing greater than the power of self-awareness; looking into the truth about your whole self and understanding the matrix of your world, making your own decisions and determining your own success. My coaching approach to life and career coaching is to work with you to create realistic change with purpose, learn to find your true voice, and work towards your goals. The Life and Career Reset coaching uses our coaching relationship as the safe place to discover, explore, challenge, clarify, develop and test ideas, as well as make those decisions which will help in achieving your goal. get in touch
Becoming the leader you aspire to be

LeadershipAs a leader you have a profound impact on others – your direct report, teams, communities, organisations and more. You have a huge influence on the working climate you create for others. Leadership is purpose driven; centred around emotional intelligence; encompassing qualities of curiosity, humility, empathy and compassion to inspire and lead others to success. I work with leaders to raise their self-awareness, uncover insights leading to a deeper understanding of themselves and make sense of their leadership through meaningful coaching conversations, discovering your strengths and mind traps. Each Executive Leadership Engagement (ELC) engagement is unique and tailored for each leader focusing on the aspects that are most important and relevant.

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Thriving in another culture

expatriates There is nothing quite like experiencing another culture to enrich your life. The sensitivity and self-awareness required to cope and succeed can be challenging. From first-hand experience, I understand the nuances of cultural integration and acculturation and have coached individuals and international teams in more than 30 different countries. Over the past 20 years working with expatriates my research has shown that more than 74% of expatriates surveyed cite that there is a lack of specialist emotional transition support from their organisations. The cost of failed overseas assignments: $200,000 to $1million per expatriate, not to mention the personal and emotional cost for the individual concerned (and in many cases, to their families too). Did you know that between 25% and 40% of moves to developed countries fail; this rises to 70% when moving to developing countries?

How is your organisation supporting your emotional transition into a new role overseas?

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Developing a personal roadmap for success

100 Days Making a successful transition into your new role (and a new company) is mission critical to your success and personal fulfilment. The First 100 Days coaching focuses on creating and navigating a personal road map for a successful transition. As you advance in your career, you must adapt to using new skills, evolve your thinking and ways of working in order to be successful. A coach can help you improve your self-awareness, identify and work through what has and has not worked in the past, define the way forward, shift your mindset and create a road map for success.

Let’s work together on getting your First 100 Days right.